North Dakota Immunization Information System

Interoperability Testing Portal

Stage 1 EHR Meaningful Use Attestation

One Meaningful Use Menu Set Measure for Eligible Professionals, Eligible Hospitals and Critical Access Hospitals for Medicaid States:

"Capability to submit electronic data to immunization registries or immunization information systems and actual submission according to applicable law and practice."

NDIIS interoperability specifications can be found at

Prepare a sample VXU message and send it to the NDIIS using the testing portal below. The NDIIS will then return a report, including the pass/fail information. NDIIS will validate that the test message meets the specifications and passed, based on the existing Meaningful Use criteria. NDIIS will also maintain an audit trail with testing information. Users of this testing portal may print the results of their testing for attestation purposes.

The NDIIS will not actively test interoperability with systems that have not had a message pass this testing portal. In addition to passing this testing portal, there will be additional NDIIS content validation during the connection process. Once Meaningful Use testing is completed using this portal, NDIIS Technical Staff will work with entities on a priority basis to set up ongoing data exchange.

Thank you for submitting your HL7 message(s) to the NDIIS. Please fill in and print the response form below for your use in meeting the Meaningful Use Menu Set Measure stated above.

If you did submit real patient data, this information will be kept confidential. Please note that you are not submitting data to NDIIS by submitting data to this attestation site.

If you would like to continue with developing a data exchange interface with NDIIS, please fill out and submit the Initial Interest Form on our web site at

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